Sighthound Charity Snood


Dizzy Lily: A Snood For a Hound 
knitting pattern is available from
Here on Erssie Knits or Ravelry 
All pattern proceeds go 
to Galgos del Sol

You can also apply for a free licence
to make your own snoods for fundraising: 

If you don't knit but want readymade snoods you can buy some from
who donate their own proceeds to dog rescue charities.

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vogue knitting magazine

Vogue Knitting Early Fall 2013, photo by Paul Amato for


My Wolf Sweater pattern has been published in the knitting magazine Vogue Knitting Early Fall 2013 issue. I knitted this sweater with broken fingers, and swollen hands. So not easy. I was quite happy this turned out to look like my original sketch, although originally I had imagined this in more wolfy shades of silvers and greys. I have since heard that a lot of VK fans really did not like this issue, especially the animal intarsia and especially the Wolf Face intarsia. I wonder if they would have liked it any better in the more natural shades. Some knitters do tend to be negative about sweaters they would never knit, or never wear, and think this design does not appeal to middle aged ladies or those who are slightly weightier....and I am both of those, but would totally wear an animal intarsia sweater if in my size.





solstice flame


I still have problems with my hands, so am doing personal knitting only and working very slowly.
I had intended to release a pattern for Summer Solstice, or Litha, but I know I won't be able to sort that out in am going to release the charts in advance, with materials, for free and those who can make use of them will have them for projects. The detailed pattern will come much later.


This was knitted in DK with a fold over purled fold over hem, it can also be knitted with a picot edge.
You can find the pattern here







It is high time I started talking about knitting. The other things like sick dogs, unemployment, illness are taking over.

So, this is what I have been surfing recently. Clocks. I can't read my alarm clock and wondered if I should make exactly what I require from yarn. I had an idea to either crochet, or knit a clock, and wondered if anyone else had done so...of course they have.


 This clock is turning up on lifestyle and interiors websites. I don't know who designed it exactly., e.g. Conran.


This retro crochet clock by CrocheTime

This crochet floral clock by Matt Farci



These lovely crochet alpacal clocks by Carol Ventura


This abstract crochet clock, Let the Good Times Roll, by Sharon Mann


Dizzy Rascal


As you know, I have two furry babies in my life. Lily and Dizzy are my two ex racer greyhound pets. Sadly, we discovered that Dizzy has cancer and has a large mass/tumour in his chest. The symptoms were quite serious and he had a lot of difficulty breathing so has had fluid drained off the chest. He has now had two sessions of Vincristine chemotherapy and considering how toxic it is, he is doing well. However his chest remains cloudy and the vet is talking of possibly opening up the chest in a couple of weeks time and possibly removing some of the mass if it has not spread to other areas. Dizzy has had a couple of minor nosebleeds which we have put down to the Vincristine chemo and he has the runs but apart from that, does not seem too nauseous and is really keen to eat his soft, organic Lily's Kitchen food.

If you are not familiar with Lily's Kitchen it is a British pet food for dogs and cats that has 'real' food ingredients. There are no dodgy meat derivatives with fruits and vegetables as well as herbs added to the organic real meat contents. It is fairly expensive, even if mixed with kibble. But is is worth it to know he is not eating rubbish while his body is under stress. We have added cooked eggs, some fish and meat and occasional rice. On the whole we have tried to keep Dizzy's diet low carbohydrate and good quality protein.


Three Baby Shower Beanies



Evie and Eden

I made these beanies for my new niece last October, her name is Eve. I named the girl beanie after her.
Finally the patterns are available to download so other people can make these very simple and quick items for a Baby Shower and new arrival.

 Go here for more information on the Three Baby Shower Beanies Pattern