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Dizzy Lily: A Snood For a Hound 
knitting pattern is available from
Here on Erssie Knits or Ravelry 
All pattern proceeds go 
to Galgos del Sol

You can also apply for a free licence
to make your own snoods for fundraising: 

If you don't knit but want readymade snoods you can buy some from
who donate their own proceeds to dog rescue charities.

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Fabric of Britain: Knitting's Golden Age

You may have noticed that BBC4 are currently broadcasting a series of textiles programmes. The other night, I watched the Fabric of Britain: Knitting's Golden Age. I loved the inclusion of the more quirky side of knitting and a showcase of stranded patterns and colours. Part of the programme featured art sweaters, like these sweaters designed by David Hockney and Allen Jones.





You can still watch this programme on BBC iPlayer, see more about that here.

I really enjoyed the inclusion of vintage knits of the more unusual variety and am so pleased that they chose one of my fave Ravelry buddies Susan Crawford, author of the vintage book sderies A Stitch In Time and the  aka Just Call Me Ruby, who in my eyes is the definitive expert in vintage design reimagined for the 21st Century. The programme featured a traditional 1930s swim suit and Susan has a a swimsuit project. on her website.



I was interested to watch the generations of women carrying out true two handed Fair Isle Techniques, which I cannot do due to no grip and was quite envious.

The programme did feature shepherds spinning and knitting, and mentioned they did it whilst walking. However, they did not include a shepherd's belt, where one needle is locked in to leave a hand free.





Prince Harry


We have been fostering a real Prince of hounds, his name is Harry. He has been easy to train, instantly got the housetraining so he has not had a single accident and a very sweet boy all round. He is extremely cuddly too. We only had him for a week while the kennels were fixing their roof.

Harry is available for adoption. Anyone who is interested can meet him at Whittingham Kennels. He has been there for 18mths. The trouble is, there are so many black dogs that need adopting and a lot of people prefer not to have that colour. I think he is really handsome in black though with cute little socks. He does get a bit excitable when he sees other breeds of dog, and needs some strong handling in a busy park but after five days he was showing dramatic improvement in his behaviour and we have no doubt this trait will gradually fade away with the right handling. A lot of people might be worried about it, and think it is a big problem, but a lot of greyhounds are programmed to chase and can be like that to start with, but with correct training just grow disinterested. Remember these dogs have been shut away from the world and only know the kennels and the track, so each new thing is exciting for them. With a proper harness and a muzzle, and being on the lead, will mean he has no chance to chase anything and one day it will just wear off like it has with our two.

I really would love to see this hound in a nice home, he deserves it so much. He is 4 years old and very easy to handle and you can read a bit more about him on my Gorgeous Greyhounds blog. My partner and I are more than happy to keep in touch with any new owners if they adopted Harry, so that we can liaise over experience and training and help to continue to deprogramme this hound from getting too excited over other dogs. He would need to live in a cat free home without small dogs, just to make his training easier. 



New Socks patterns for men

Although I have not done any work this year, for a long time....these are some patterns I designed in 2009 which have just been published by the Coop Press.

The Wrong Side of the Tracks: Mens' Socks


Naughty Norwegian Socks


Both for the book Unique Feet: Men's Socks from the Unique Sheep.


Dizzy Rascal

We lost our furry boy today. My heart is breaking. He passed away from a heart attack 10 days after his lobectomy operation. 


dizzy rascal

Poor old Dizzy Rascal, my boy greyhound, he was very sick on Tues night and could not breathe or lie down. He was obviously in a lot of pain so at 3 am we called the vet, and he got a team together and we got him at 7 am for surgery. Dizzy had open chest surgery and there were complications, his heart stopped during surgery but they performed heart massage on the open heart and managed to get it going again. Dizzy was so weak from lack of nutrition and so tired from not being able to lie down comfortably.


Anyway, they performed a lobectomy and removed a massive tumour and necrosed piece of lung from really was big no wonder he could not breathe. His chest kept filling up with fluid around the lump which must have been growing in there quite a while, despite having had chemo. He is in doggie hospital at the moment and was in a critical state. We will find out this afternoon if he is well enough to come home, or if his condition has deterioriated, or is stable but needs monitoring. 

We all have missed his lively presence here. We feel so bad that he had to put up with that amount of discomfort and that no painkillers were able to relieve it until he went into surgery. We hope now, if he survives the surgery, that he is in a much more comfortable position.


The other nasty situation is that our pet insurance has well and truly run out, and we owe the vet a lot of money for this surgery and recent chemotherapy. Myself and the OH have been out of work this year. I am having stuff published, and it looks like I am busy, but some of the work goes back about 4 years and already got paid then. At the moment I am not doing any work and am struggling with various health problems and hand restrictions. So I am working on some slow personal knitting to keep me going and generally taking the year off, hoping things will get back to normal one day.

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