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Dizzy Lily: A Snood For a Hound 
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to Galgos del Sol

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2 Bed House For Sale, Sterling Road EN2 

Well, we're moving after 26 years. Our 2 bed house with garden (lawn and 2 patios)  in EN2 is up for sale and we'll be moving to Glastonbury. The property is listed with Castles Estate agents Enfield. 


A Huge Blow; RIP Lily

We lost our Dizzy 3 years ago which was a shock after only having him for 6 years.  On 10 June, a few weeks back, we also lost our beautiful Lily. There'll never be another's like her. She started life as a very nervous reject from the racing industry. She was retired at 6 mths and had bitten someone so was not your model pet hound. We gave her space and built up a relationship of mutual respect and she became the most obedient, intelligent, communicative greyhound ever. I still love her so much and it breaks my heart that my love for her stops dead and sits in my chest and has nowhere to go. It was a privilege to know Lily. Her profile and modelling helped raise a few thousand pounds for charity and money was donated to various sighthound rescue centres. In saving Lily she saved us for 9 yrs. I didn't expect Lily to go downhill so quickly. She missed her last beach holiday by days. I imagined her going on to age 15 but she was only 10 when she developed an aggressive heart tumour. 



Beltane 2016 Offer

Offer runs from May 1st 0:00 GMT to May 2nd 23:59 GMT
Buy 1 pattern, get 1 pattern free.
Place a minimum of 2 patterns in your basket and the cheapest of 2 will be discounted. 

Unlimited offer so you can buy as many patterns as you like and still have 1 free pattern for every 1 pattern purchased. All pattern revenue from purchases will be forwarded to the charity 
Galgos del Sol UK is registered in England and Wales, Registered Charity Number 1158983.



Galgos del Sol

If you are a greyhound lover you will no doubt have heard about other similar breeds of working sight hounds from around the World. I am excited to announce that from April 2016 I will be sending all my pattern revenue collected in my PayPal account, which is literally everything, to Galgos Del Sol.

They are a charity in Spain who rescue, rehabilitate and rehome Galgos and Podencos (Spanish Hunting Dogs similar to greyhounds) who are bred and used for a short season of hunting and then discarded on the streets of Spain.  Galgos del Sol is based in Murcia and you can read all about their adventures and stories of individual rescues from their website:

I chose Galgos del Sol to support because they have been so overwhelmed by the number of dogs that need help and are working to raise funds to build a new modern rehoming centre which will incorporate an educational program to spread the word about these lovely gentle creatures who despite such a sorry start in life end up making wonderful pets.

Anyway, if you would like to support them as well as enjoy Erssie patterns, then from tomorrow, April 1st 2016, all proceeds from sales of my patterns will be forwarded to Galgos Del Sol and I would love to be I am not working but I still have many designs that can go to work on their own and raise some small amounts of cash for Galgos del Sol.

Galgos del sol have a YouTube Channel where you can find out about individual dogs. They also have a very good video interview with the founder, Tina, explaining the need for a centre.


 I look forward to posting more news about Galgos Del Sol in the future and when I am feeling a little better, I will be adding new projects to help raise more money for this charity.



Fundraising for the Retired Greyhounds 

Thank you to folk who bought Erssie Knits Patterns in January.  At the moment as I have been unable to work for many years,  I am fundraising by selling past designs and all pattern revenue goes to a greyhound charity. In January,  you helped to raise £326.02 which went to Whittingham RGT kennels in Waltham Abbey today.  

Also,   I am running a promotion ending Midnight tonight.  If you buy a pattern today not only will all of your money go to the hounds but you will be entitled to one free pattern for every pattern purchased.