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Holidays with your hounds

 Don't be nervous to take hounds on holiday thinking they'll hate it.  I've had 4 hounds and even the extremely nervous ones have loved their hols. Anywhere you go is their home. We let ours sleep on their own dog beds in our bedroom on holiday as its different rules from home. We find the first evening, they're a little bit unsettled, and we think "oh no, they hate it" but after they've had dinner, and a garden excursion, they come back in and plonk down on their beds and snooze. The more you take them away the quicker they settle. You'll really enjoy your hound in a different way and you'll be together 24/7, which is their ideal World.  Try to book a hol where you get at least one day at home with them afterwards as sometimes they get "going back to work blues" just like us if they've had a marvellous couple of weeks glued to your side but then they're left alone as you're busy and back to work.

Here are my top tips for preparing for doggie hols :

 If it's a long journey and you have an extremely nervous dog and need to stop at motorway services for a pee break, get a soft harness for your dog just in case you open the back and want to grab them easily. On our first hols, as we opened the back a massive lorry pulled in close to our car and leaned on their horn at us, our girl was terrified, jumped out and tried to bolt up the slipway of the motorway to get away from ignorant Hgv man but she was wearing a harness so grabbing her as she went past was easy. If you break down or anything odd happens a harness gives you double safety over a collar.
Also, try to use the bigger motorway services where Hgv, coaches and other annoying drivers will have a separate car park. You'll find that bigger places have better areas for your dog to pee away from traffic. 

If you buy anything new for the holiday use it at home first as having a bed or bowl that smells familiar helps them settle in. You'll find as well that plastic bowls for food may seem better to pack, but actually start to absorb food smells and our dogs hated it. You can get bowl stands (with metal bowls) where the stand folds flat and its easy for packing. 

Take a dog First Aid kit: 
Roll of vet rap self adhesive bandage
Padding to put under vetrap
Antiseptic powder
Sudocrem or nappy rash cream
Reflective Sun coats (if you're sit outdoors & no shade) 
Medicated Shampoo
Tick or insect repellent  or removal stuff. 
Anti wasp/bee sting pen
Ear and Eye Wipes
Toothbrushes and enzymatic toothpaste 
Nail clippers (in case you of split claw/hang nails) 
Cotton wool pads
Booties and baby socks
Sharp scissors to cut any bandages
Rehydration salts
Grooming brush
Bio washing liquid for any indoor pee accidents
Disinfectant for any I door accidents
A few incontinence bed pads as you can throw these onto an indoor pee and absorb it, or you can put them down to walk in if their paws are excessively muddy. 

Find out where nearest vets are, phone and register or introduce yourself and dog if you want to see if they're used to greyhounds. Keep tel no on your phone.
Write down your dogs tattoo markings just in case, although you'll probably not need a vets visit. Over 12 years, we have used holiday vets 3 times for minor injuries they would have had at home like ripped claws.

Take your vaccination certs, just in case you have a situation where you might need to Kennel your dog. We visited a cat sanctuary and put our dogs on a Kennel for 3 hours as it isn't on leaving dogs in the car. 

Take a throw or two. Most rental places will ask you not to allow dogs on furniture or beds and if they find muddy prints or hair could adk you for a cleaning bill. You'd be surprised how many places have white of cream linen or sofas. We cover furniture with cheap throws.

Comfy dog duvets. We take 4 for 2 dogs, they lie on 2 each in the back of the car and it makes them snooze all the way there. When we get to the cottages, we take 2 indoors and they feel at home on their beds that they've been lying on in the car, 2 remain in the car and we don't have to keep dragging their beds in and out each time we do a day trip

Take a big container of water in case you get stuck in traffic and it's hot. Or on a day trip you can't find a water source.

Favourite toys

Pj's or house coat for chilly nights
Light waterproof coat that can fold into your handbag
Warm waterproof coat with fleece lining
Normal, extra long leather lead if on lead only
Rope Slip leads, quick and easy if no enclosed garden

Roof box. This is so handy as we shove a new bag of dog food in there, a couple of other bags or any food, and it frees up the car and ensures dogs don't get access to stuff if we have to nip to the loo.
 Nissan X Trail. Optional but its a fantastic holiday car. It has refrigerated places to hold water, glorious sun roof, air conditioning, back folds down into enormous space for 2 or 3 dogs, roomy roof box can fit luggage on top, custom cages can be bought if you want to ensure dogs don't slip out, fits a 6'4" man in driving seat, loads of foot storage, loads of cubby holes for yourself but places to put the First Aid kit and dog bowls. 



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