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dizzy rascal

Poor old Dizzy Rascal, my boy greyhound, he was very sick on Tues night and could not breathe or lie down. He was obviously in a lot of pain so at 3 am we called the vet, and he got a team together and we got him at 7 am for surgery. Dizzy had open chest surgery and there were complications, his heart stopped during surgery but they performed heart massage on the open heart and managed to get it going again. Dizzy was so weak from lack of nutrition and so tired from not being able to lie down comfortably.


Anyway, they performed a lobectomy and removed a massive tumour and necrosed piece of lung from really was big no wonder he could not breathe. His chest kept filling up with fluid around the lump which must have been growing in there quite a while, despite having had chemo. He is in doggie hospital at the moment and was in a critical state. We will find out this afternoon if he is well enough to come home, or if his condition has deterioriated, or is stable but needs monitoring. 

We all have missed his lively presence here. We feel so bad that he had to put up with that amount of discomfort and that no painkillers were able to relieve it until he went into surgery. We hope now, if he survives the surgery, that he is in a much more comfortable position.


The other nasty situation is that our pet insurance has well and truly run out, and we owe the vet a lot of money for this surgery and recent chemotherapy. Myself and the OH have been out of work this year. I am having stuff published, and it looks like I am busy, but some of the work goes back about 4 years and already got paid then. At the moment I am not doing any work and am struggling with various health problems and hand restrictions. So I am working on some slow personal knitting to keep me going and generally taking the year off, hoping things will get back to normal one day.

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