Sighthound Charity Snood


Dizzy Lily: A Snood For a Hound 
knitting pattern is available from
Here on Erssie Knits or Ravelry 
All pattern proceeds go 
to Galgos del Sol

You can also apply for a free licence
to make your own snoods for fundraising: 


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Samhain or halloween

One of my favourite sabbats is Samhain. As you have probably guessed I love to design knitwear that celebrates this time of year including a lot of Dia de los Muertos designs.

I am working on two Halloween patterns at the moment but as the hand disability has stopped me from working speedily they are nowhere ready to release. One design is my Day of the Dead throw and the other I started on a whim last night and is an earflap hat with sugar skulls and flower borders. 

So to make up for my slowness I am rereleasing the Halloween Pumpkin Chart free of charge and if knitters are Speedy crafters they might just be able to use this border and make something for tonight.

 Here are a couple of other knitters' projects who made use of this chart:


I also have a large number of other charts and patterns that fit the season on Ravelry.



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